The Donald Hicks Basketball Day Camp, DHBDC, (Tax ID 37-1959260) is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS and the State of North Carolina. 

DHBDC camps are committed to helping all children improve in athletic skills, academic skills, life skills and social skills by making learning fun as well as educational. Our camps encourage a love for learning and living as responsible, respectful, contributing members of society. We do this by using children’s love for sports to motivate them to participate in mathematics and reading classes. The reading and mathematics classes have sports themes whenever possible.


Community Involvement

Additionally, counselors, coaches, teachers and assistants help children improve in their self-esteem and in self-discipline. We teach conflict resolution, teamwork, character development, and proper response to authority. The children are introduced to community leaders, government authorities, business owners, law enforcement personnel and sports heroes who come to share with them and to encourage them towards productive citizenry.

Our campers come from all walks of life, including diverse socio-economic, political, ethnic and family structures. Many are considered latchkey, severely at-risk children. For many of our campers, the entire summer could pass without any hope of a fun-filled time with adults and peers imparting into their lives positively. We have come to be parental-figures, big brothers/sisters, coaches and mentors who teach each child to help the child who struggles in areas he/she has mastered.


Our Founder

Donald HIcks

I am the eleventh (11) child of the late William and Margaret Hicks’ sixteen- (16) children. I was raised in Greenville, Mississippi where I spent the first eighteen (18) years of my life. Highlights from those years include the following: a) Winning a “Most Improved Student Award” during tenth grade summer school math and science development program for minority students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, b) Editing O’Bannon High School’s yearbook during my senior year, and c) Being awarded an academic scholarship to study engineering at the University of Wisconsin.

While attending the University of Wisconsin, I was active in campus events such as intramural basketball for Campus Crusade for Christ, public speaking, poetry and cultural affairs. I also worked several internships at Dow Corning Corporation in Midland, Michigan to help fund my education. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering in May 1982.

Since moving to North Carolina in 1982, I have been actively involved with a diversity of children in a variety of situations in my home, my neighborhood, my church and local schools.

For several years, I tutored children from my church in math and science. I worked with Boy Scouts for their Eagle Scout projects and coached basketball nearly twelve (16) years in the Christian Athletic Association.  I have also worked at football camps, officiated baseball, soccer, volleyball and basketball. I have hosted summer basketball camps since 2002 to teach math, reading and basketball skills in a hands-on manner actively engaging students who show little interest or aptitude in critical thinking or schoolwork.

I enjoy traveling with my wife, children, sons-in-love, and grandchildren to visit relatives, amusement parks and outdoor sporting activities. I spend lots of time with board games and brainteasers that I use to teach logical thinking and creative problem solving. Among “things”, my true loves are computer programs and mathematics.

I consider myself a gentle giant, a user-friendly role model who is interested in helping students develop to their fullest potential.