We are so blessed to have such an amazing community backing and supporting our dream. If you would like to be a part please don't hesitate. The Donald Hicks Basketball Day Camp, DHBDC, (Tax ID 37-1959260) is a non-profit organization 501(c )(3) recognized by the IRS and the State of North Carolina.

We offer scholarships to every child who cannot afford to pay the $100.00 fee. Scholarships have traditionally been given to over 85% of the children. We provide a full lunch, drinks and several snacks and/or breakfast foods daily. In past camps, we provided a DHBDC tee shirt, a certificate, a picture, school supplies (such as pencils, pens, notebooks, paper, compasses, magnetic boards, water bottles, sticky notes) and coupons to local businesses to each camper. We also have given bigger prizes that were won by campers such as refurbished computers, math games, word games (Scrabble or Boggle) and computer games.


In addition to purchasing many of the items listed above, our funds have been spent on insurance, building rentals, buying gas for volunteers who run errands, token thank-you gifts, food and small monetary sums for volunteers, printing supplies, fund raisers and fund-raising supplies, and token scholarships to our volunteers who are college students.


We need food, school supplies, computers, and financial assistance to make this camp a reality. Any funds would be greatly appreciated. We will include any of your business-attracting gift certificates or advertising materials in bags for each family to encourage their patronage at your businesses.

We welcome sports-themed reading and math materials to assist in curriculum development. We appreciate your support and we encourage you or your representatives to drop by during camp week to see how your support is utilized.